Skills of Practice (Part III): Commitment to the Practice

A couple posts ago, I mentioned three skills to practice: showing up, doing the work, commitment to the practice. I’m currently exploring these three areas in their own posts. I’m very curious about practice.

CAUTION: I doubt these will be how-to posts. I don’t have answers. My process is more exploratory. You’ve been warned.

Picture of two silver wedding rings
Commitment is more than a single day or shiny rings

In the post Commitment, Motivation, and Practice, I talked about the commitment in analogy to marrying my partner. There was the magical moment of “I do,” but each day is a choice to live inside of that. Commitment is never a one-shot deal; I think that when someone may think it is, that’s when we stop working on things.

Our first skill, showing up, is the when/where aspect to practice. The second, doing the work, is the how aspect. This one, the commitment, is the why aspect.

So, if I’ve made the commitment do Z activity X amount of time (pages, post, etc.), how do we sustain that? Why do we do it? That’s a hard one, a personal one. I mean, saying “I do” to my partner was a personal choice. How can I even think to know what to tell anyone about making a commitment to their practice(s), their craft?

Instead, you tell me – how do you commit to staying motivated? Especially if you regularly practice – how do you keep yourself engaged?


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