Changes in time, energy, and focus

It’s so interesting. Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve been trying to spend less time outside of work on the computer. This means that Facebook and Google Reader time, and all of the other things have taken a serious downturn in time spent on those things. In fact, I completely failed to posthereyesterday, simply because I hadn’t slotted time to write the post.

BUT… this post isn’t about whining about that. This post is about what these choices have meant.

Today, I’m receiving so many beautiful messages in my inbox. I’m smiling at the thoughtfulness and just seeing everyone’s Facebook picture, all itty bitty in the message, and that is the best birthday present. It’s a good reminder that reaching out and making contact doesn’t have to be long, extensive, or super intense. I am incredibly behind in my Google Reader feed. What used to happen is it would reach critical mass and I would just hit “Mark all as read.” Or I would pick and choose which blogs to read. Instead, I have decided to be okay with a larger number of “Unread” posts and read them as I have time. In that, trying to actually comment or make an effort to touch base (again, often short messages that mean something to me). I’m finding that if I had skipped some of these, that I would have missed out on some interesting posts, links, or ideas. That while I may be a day (or week) late, it’s still important content. And the other funny part to it? Though I’m behind, you’d think I would be pruning what I’m reading. But, as I’m finding really awesome blogs with bloggers I find interesting, I’m adding them in. That even though I have less time, I know the time I’m spending is quality time. And that means, if I’m okay with not being up to date with everything Blogger X is publishing, I have the resources to (eventually) get to everything.

I am reminding myself that I don’t need to be overwhelmed by all that I feel I’m leaving undone. That I simply cannot do everything. Right now, I am focusing on the following:

  • writing a short story for an anthology submission
  • maintaining my practices in running, writing, and meditation
  • continuing to read and knit in my spare time

What I’m also finding is that my time is filling up quickly; that my commitments are growing, and that’s not a bad thing. It just means that I have to make choices on when and how things get done. And learning that answer to those doesn’t have to be RIGHT NOW and PERFECTLY.

It’s learning compassion. It’s learning to draw boundaries and limits on what I am physically capable of. It’s learning that there are things worth holding on to and that, sometimes, there are things I can cut back on, and it’s o.k.a.y.


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