Man plans, God laughs: Weekend Lessons

Wikipedia tells me that “Man plans, God laughs” is a Yiddish proverb. It’s definitely been the catchphrase of the last few days.

I live in the mid-Atlantic region and on Friday night, we were hit with a whopper of a storm. There’s an actual classification – derecho storm. Such an amazing light show, wind whipping all around, and our power went out. We have six guinea pigs, who have very small windows of temperature-tolerance. So, without power, during a heat wave, we went down to my parents’ house. While they also lost power (like nearly 4 million people total), they have a generator and a basement. And while I will be honest and say I could have probably gotten an entry tapped out on my iPod touch (no smartphone for this girl!), I didn’t want to.

Guinea Pigs. The two adult Guinea Pigs that li...So, I decided to not put pressure on being brilliant and instead, rolled with what was going on, spending time with my parents, going up and down stairs to check on the guinea pigs, and knitting. All while trying to stay cool, literally. And so, today, now that things are relatively back to normal, I realized there were a number of wonderful lessons this weekend:

  • Don’t getting cranky when things don’t go as plan. Or, if you get cranky, don’t take it out on others. Or, if you do, apologize. Quickly.
  • Knitting is a wonderful, low key activity. I was also reminded that I knit really slowly.
  • Getting things done when they need to be done is better than putting them off. If I’d put off submitting my story until Saturday (the absolute last day for submission), I may not have remembered until it was too late.
  • It’s okay to make choices that others don’t like, if you are doing it to help those who need it.
  • Spending time with family is always good.
  • Asking for help is hard. Sometimes you need to.
  • It gets really warm. And after two days without a shower? Showering makes you feel human.

Overall, I’m grateful more than anything, though there were things that weren’t so great about. The family is safe, healthy, and things are slowly getting back to normal. Grateful.


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