Thoughts about “turning pro”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the book The War of Art – more specifically, about the idea of “turning pro.” The idea of doing something, regularly, to become better at it. Not necessarily “pro” to make money, but the idea of taking the act of creation seriously.

As I was writing this entry out, about the worries, concerns, and neuroses that are cropping up and I think they are issues that must be resolved before writing again (even here), I started laughing at myself and erased the whole thing.

Oh, Resistance, you are tricksy. All of that was about stopping myself from working, period. Not about stopping a certain train of thought or about protecting myself. It was about a full fledged knock me back because I think I want to keep doing this, purely for the art and joy and process.

Resistance, I see you. I will not stop writing.

English: Googly eyes. Picture made by me.


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