Thankful for others

Print screen of Google Reader Feed 7/6/2012
It’s below 200!

I’ve told you about my changes in focus and attention recently. And that part of it is actually reading through my reader feed and absorbing the content.

But, when life gets crazy and then storms hit, my reader feed is not necessarily the first thing on my To Do list. So when I got back to it the middle of this week, I was sitting at nearly 700 posts. (For the record, there are about 130 blogs represented, not all who post.) Some were folks I have added after discovering them through WordPress’ Freshly Pressed and hadn’t caught up on the ones that were pulled into my feed (the 10 most recent posts are automatically dropped in when you add a feed).

When I hit the “below-200” mark earlier today, I was overjoyed.  To be fair, there were a few posts I skimmed, and a few I marked as read, and kept going. But the majority of them? I have been sipping at them the past few days, trying to not inundate myself, trying to not burn out on reading others’ words.

Because I read these blogs for joy and inspiration and to learn about the people who fill this blogosphere with love and light and life. And while I’m still not completely done with them, I do think it feels more manageble. (Isn’t it funny how perception is everything?)

I am grateful for all of you bloggers, who put your lives, hearts, and words out there for us to learn and share and grow; to laugh and cry and celebrate.

For each of you, I’m grateful.

For the record: In the time it took me to write this, it’s now back over 200. But just barely!


6 thoughts on “Thankful for others

  1. We’ve all been there before. I left on a 3-day vacation about 2 weeks ago and came back to dozens upon dozens of blog posts. I’ve only just caught up this week but I know the chance to fall behind is always lurking around. Such is the life of being a blogger and blog follower! :)

  2. My new philosophy is that it’s ok to sip from the fire hose – I can’t always read everything – it doesn’t allow me time to live my own life! So I come and go, but like you I’m always grateful for what I read! Cheers!

    • I like that philosophy! I really need to recognize that I can’t read (or do!) everything, and it’s learning that balance and incorporating it into what I do. :)

      Thank you for both commenting and validating that I can’t read it all!

    • I hear you there! It’s like the inner student in me is like “Unfinished work! Unfinished work!!!” and starts freaking out a bit. :)

      I used to “Mark all as read” – and still do sometimes. I’m trying really hard to make sure I at least scan through things, though. I’ve found some pretty nifty blogs, posts, and books that way!

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