How do I respond?

We’re back at my parents this weekend, to pick up the guinea pigs. So, there is a sense that we’re at the brink of returning to normal (or whatever life looks like when we consider it back in something like balance). Of course, this makes me wonder what really is normal, and what happens when things get blown off course. And how I respond when those things happen. (And not just with the past weeks, but in general.

Do I allow myself to be thrown around by the winds of change? Or have I learned to take my seat and ride through the waves of what happens? Do I get angry and want things to be the same that they “always” are?

How do I approach new situations, or old situations wearing new skins?

How do I respond?


2 thoughts on “How do I respond?

  1. Lots of food for thought here! Not sure if that’s a rhetorical thing you’ve got going on there, but in a lot of cases, I’d say it’s more of a judgment call on how you respond. If in doubt, just take the high road and move on. :)

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