What’s Stopping You?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what stops us from doing what needs to be done – what stops us from doing the work? What stops us from being brave?

It’s not an easy question to answer, because for me, it’s a shifting target. I think I have it pinned down, and off it flies to some place else. I think I have things pinned down, and it’s just at that moment my brain looks at me, sticks its tongue out, and goes gallivanting off some place else. It’s all I can do to keep chasing it down to make it sit still.

And when I say I’m tired, isn’t that what I mean? That I spend so much time chasing down the reasons, rather than looking out at the retreating form of my brain chasing reasons for why I’m not doing the work and simply sit down at my computer to do my work?

Simple, but not easy.


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