What would happen if…?

A while back ago, I used the term “other people are watching,” or OPAW, to describe the fact that there are things I do (or don’t do) if I fear that other people are watching me. Often, it’s the idea of other people that create the most anxiety… which is to say, the most resistance to doing things that aren’t by The Book. (Which book by which author, I couldn’t tell you.)

At the same time, there are some changes coming that have me on edge and that I’m having to work with. That it’s not about other people, or what happens when other people are watching. That the moving target of reasons needs to stop, because the work needs to be done. It’s not an option.

It’s a moral imperative. If this is the work I am on this planet to do, then what the hell am I doing not doing it? That’s simply irresponsible.

The question What would happen if…? is the one that stops me in my tracks. It’s my own brain’s way of asking, “Who do you think you are?”

The answer to that last question is often brutal. I can hear myself telling people close to me No Negative Self-Talk, but the same seems not to apply to myself. Instead, fear, anxiety, and lots of neurosis that crop up.

So, for just this moment, let’s dream together. Let’s dream our ways into the answers not to what would happen if, or who do we think we are. Instead, what if we asked:

What happens when I chose to be brilliant and brave and step out into unknown space?

Who am I if I chose to not be scared about the unknown?

What would happen if I simply tried? If I showed up and tried, what would be the outcome?


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