Shouting the adventure … from Facebook to elevator

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In light of these newest adventures, I am taking the reins and really trying to put myself out there. I’m now on Facebook and I’m linking it to this website! Oh, technology, you baffle the mind sometimes!

I had a friend visiting me this past weekend. She and I have kept up via blogs and so, she knows of this newest adventure in much the same way most people do – as this ambiguous something that I’m really excited about, but am not really sure how to talk about. So, when we were sitting in the living room chatting and she asked, “Tell me about this new writing adventure,” I felt like a deer in headlights.

It felt like a lot of fumbling, words like little raindrops down the window, going their own which way. My arms flailing, my mouth going. Having this reaction in safe space, with someone who does understand how I feel about writing, storytelling, and the passion I feel about this whole ambiguous endeavor. It was during that conversation I realized that shouting the adventure is where I need to be heading, but that I’m not quite there yet. I don’t necessarily have my elevator pitch down yet. I’m getting there. The more I write, the longer I think about it, the chattier I get about it?

It crystallizes. It gets stronger and I start to know what I want to say, what I truly believe and where I see this all going. I become excited and, while a great big WOOHOO launch on August 1 would be great, I also recognize that slowly putting things out there will help me continue to build confidence in this endeavor.

Where am I at with my elevator pitch? I’m glad you asked!

I see us all – yes, even you – as storytellers. We tell ourselves stories about our world, ourselves, and others all the time. What this blog allows for – and what I will be offering in online writing classes (!!!) – is space to breathe, to see the space around our storytelling, and the support to be curious about it. What happens when we allow for this? Can we see our stories? Can we declare ourselves the storyteller of our own life? Can we allow ourselves to be visible and real with the stories we see and the lives we want to create?

What would happen?


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