Weekend Reads

There are so many great blog posts I run across throughout the week in my Google Reader. On Saturday mornings, I will share a few of the ones that struck me the most. This is by no means all of the neat stuff I read. Rather, some culling of what might spark some conversation and to share some neat blogs I’ve run across.

Also? This is how community is built; sharing great things that start conversations and thoughts. Share your comment and your own great finds in the comments!

Can You?
Fantastic, thoughtful poem over at Kind of Over Matter.

Where to Find Inspiration
A fantastic list of inspirational quotes from Write to Done

The Fuel that Drives Extraordinary Content
Another great post at Write to Done. My heart smiled and bounced as I read this, thinking, “This. This is why we practice.”

Tame Your Thought Monster
We need to acknowledge what hurts in order to work with it. (Plus, a super cute cartoon.)

Meditation, Depression, and Sadness
One way to look at how meditation helps us lean into relaxation, and how that can be a source of support in depression. (But, said way more eloquently and beautifully.)

Is Superstition or Ritual Part of Your Creative Process?
A really neat conversation about ritual/superstition in the creative process from Patrick over at The Artist’s Road.

Hooker Headers and Thrush Pipes
M. Fenn talks about hooker lines – those first lines that catch us and hook us in to a story. Share ones that have caught you!

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