August Break: Adventures in the kitchen

Stephanie in the kitchen
An afternoon in the kitchen

Today has been humid and gross. (And, as I write this post, it’s starting to storm.) I spent the afternoon as I normally do on Sundays – in the kitchen, getting ready for the week. It’s possible I have way too many appliances going at once. (From bottom to top: rice cooker, crockpot, and bread machine.)

Appliances lined up on the counter.

There is beef chili in the crockpot (made with red New Mexican chili powder).


red chili
Medium red chili from New Mexico

There are smoothies for the mornings, pizza dough for tomorrow night, and hard boiled eggs. The true experiment, though? Bagels.

Bagels before cooking
Bagels after second rise, but before boil and bake.

I recently flipped through the bread maker’s manual and saw dough types that could be made, along with how to finish them up. Bagels sounded amazing. So, that was Sunday afternoon’s adventure.

Bagels cooked
Bagels complete!

Yes, there are eight in the picture, when there were nine to be cooked. One was the tester and… I’d say it was successful! Sarah, I think, agrees!

Sarah eating bagel
Sarah approves of the bagels.


I’m participating in The August Break hosted by Susannah Conway – not as a way to take a break from blogging, but to see my world through a different lens for the month. I focus so often on my words, it’s a good reminder to truly see. Join us, if you are so inclined.


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