Weekend Reads

There are so many great blog posts I run across throughout the week in my Google Reader. On Saturday mornings, I will share a few of the ones that struck me the most. This is by no means all of the neat stuff I read. Rather, some culling of what might spark some conversation and to share some neat blogs I’ve run across.

Also? This is how community is built; sharing great things that start conversations and thoughts. Share your comment and your own great finds in the comments!

Where Should I Focus My Time? Tips for Social Media Use
This is a great, thoughtful post from a writer who is all about connection, on social media use. (Hint: It’s not about all the time, all the resources.)

7 Ways to Use Brain Science to Hook Readers
It wasn’t the “hook readers” that caught me on the Write to Done article. It was the idea that storytelling is in our survival code. I also really like the suggestions; I think it’s not just about hooking readers, but telling a good story!

The Free Lunch Movement
An interesting look at privilege, compassion, and giving.

An Unexpected A** Kicking
This one just made me get all shivery and smile. “Do things that have never been done before.”

The Timing is Perfect
This is just so sweet, and the picture? Awesome sauce.

How to do Big Things
This from a guy who is 8 countries away from visiting every country on the planet.

Ready for Change
This seems particularly relevant to my life right now, where I am right smack dab in the middle of changes.

NOTE: Next week’s may be particularly long, as I currently have 900+ unread posts in my Reader feed. Oops.


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