August Break: Sunday at home

I failed to post yesterday for August Break, so you get multiple pictures today!

Multitasking Stephanie.


Much of today was spent multitasking – doing things on the blog, writing, planning, and making a dozen cookies – oatmeal chocolate chip. Which, except for the ones in our lunch bags for tomorrow, are gone. (Thankfully, I put the ones in our bags before we started digging into them!)

Sarah making korokke.

Sarah wanted to try and conquer making potato korokke today. It was quite the process. Essentially, they are mashed potato patties, rolled in panko breading and fried.

Delicious korokke!

They were delicious! Next time? Next time we will have tasty katsu sauce and/or make them with sweet potatoes! YUM!


I’m participating in The August Break hosted by Susannah Conway – not as a way to take a break from blogging, but to see my world through a different lens for the month. I focus so often on my words, it’s a good reminder to truly see. Join us, if you are so inclined.


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