And this is why they’re the “guinea pig sessions”

English: Guinea pig

If I haven’t told you already, I’m learning as I go with the writing classes. I’m throwing it all in and finding there are still lots of things to learn.

I’m rolling with it.

Just like, this morning, I learned that the PayPal link isn’t working on the original blog post; it won’t let you sign up for a free class. *pout*  And, since I’m at work, checking items off my To Do list like a mad woman before my last day tomorrow, I don’t have the chance to take a look until I get home tonight.

That said… don’t let it stop you from signing up for the chance to try out these writing classes! I promise, they don’t bite! They’re a place to explore, write, and simply show up. Just like sweet faced guinea pigs :)

To sign up just CLICK HERE!

Edited at 9:30 PM EST: There is a link to sign up for the first session. I’ve you’ve emailed me already, I have you registered.

Just be sure to be one of the next six five people!


2 thoughts on “And this is why they’re the “guinea pig sessions”

    • Thanks so much. It’s a practice, the not letting glitches get in the way. It’s a good reminder of WHY I practice, and how it’s not about getting it Right, but rather, continuing on.

      Thanks so much! And feel free to join us, if you’re interested!

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