Weekend Reads

My Google Reader feed is still showing 1000+ unread items. It feels a bit overwhelming. But, I’m slowly going through them, as I can’t bear the thought of potentially missing a gem of a post. The next few weeks of Weekend Reads might be kind of long. Just warning you!

Share your comments and your own great finds in the comments (or your own blog)! Just be sure to point me in that direction :)

Too Muchness and Other Things We’re Afraid to Claim
This post by Jen Lemen hit someplace that feels a bit vulnerable right now. I found myself really want to read this, but transitioning to skimming much of it, rather than reading. It’s definitely on a reread list.

All You Sweet and Delicate Flowers
A lovely post by Gena Radcliffe, recommended by M. Fenn in last week’s Weekend Reads comments. It’s Radcliffe’s take on feminism. I’ll leave it at that. :)

Janene at One Run at a Time was all about curiosity… which is a great big win in my book!

Poetry Wednesday: The tender gravity of kindness
Patti Digh over at 37 Days posted this beautiful poem by Naomi Shihab Nye (whom, if you’ve never read… do it, and do it soon). Also? There is an indigogo project going on for her family right now. They’re about $20,000 from the goal of $100,000. All proceeds will help pay medical bills for her husband, who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. The family is uninsured.

Piecing Together Connie’s Sky
From A Human Thing, this is a beautiful response to a response, circling around truth, community, and impermanence. Read the post, and enjoy the lovely sky images.

Of Grain and Steel: A Look at the Secret Lives of Buildings
A lovely post (with beautiful pictures) from the blog, As I See It.

Start small, but start.
A great post by Patti Digh about practice, specifically self-care practice. Love the Martha Graham quote: “Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.”

QUIT: Caring About What Other Drivers on the Road Are Doing
The blog, Cordelia Calls It Quits, is just fantastic. It’s posts like this one that remind me why. This is a must read for anyone who get road rage. (Or, as she calls it, Road Rage Severe Irritation.)

What I Do
This was introduced to me from another blogger’s link list. And I am totally in love with the questions asked and am excited to delve more deeply into the post, and my own writing and journaling, about the topics.

Why Be Still?
A brief post on the importance of stillness – especially in community – from one of my favourite yoga teachers.

I Dare You to Chair Dance.
Another from Cordelia Calls It Quits. Oh, this is pure joy, partly because it’s totally me some days.

What Happens on Tour Stays on Tour
Susannah Conway talks a bit about her US book tour earlier this summer. What strikes me is how she talks about each event – and each participant – and the stories we tell.

Don’t Poke the Editor: Six Deadly Don’ts (and Dos) for Dealing with Editors
From Omnivoracious, the Amazon.com blog, a great list of things to, and NOT to, do when dealing with editors. For the record? The Writer’s Don’t Cry column is awesome, in general.

Being Clear…
A beautiful, heartfelt, raw, wholehearted response to a recent statement made by a Congress person.

Looking at Their Lives
A lovely picture and the quote about writers? What I want to cultivate here…

When Saturday Mornings Meant Something
Found this one through WordPress Freshly Pressed. This one is hysterical. As a child of the late 80s/early 90s, this one got a laugh and a raise of my glass of nostalgia.

Make a Big Decision on the Spot With This Trick
Oh, this came in another blogger’s link list just when I needed to read this. This blog may be getting added to my reader, too.

It Is Not Possible to Fail
An interesting look at failure and what (we think) it means.

The Role of Intuition in the Art of Creative Badassery
Looking at creativity, outlining, and Monty Python in a whole new way.


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