Weekend Reads

My Google Reader feed is still showing 1000+ unread items. It feels a bit overwhelming. But, I’m slowly going through them, as I can’t bear the thought of potentially missing a gem of a post. The next few weeks of Weekend Reads might be kind of long. Just warning you!

Share your comments and your own great finds in the comments (or your own blog)! Just be sure to point me in that direction :)

Persistence and Possibility
Seth Godin, I seriously think you are tapped into my brain. It’s a little scary. There’s always a post that I need to hear.

Building Your Strength in the Present Moment
Guest post over at Zen Habits. I like the idea that

It’s hard to understand just how important this concept [being present in the moment] is.

This is what I tell my clients: “The only thing you must do today is make every action count. If tomorrow happens to come, then repeat what you did today.”

This helps people take their mind off a goal that might seem very far away.

Perseverance (AKA “No, it’s not OK to Quit”)
Are you noticing a theme this week? Good to know I’m not the only one. Chris over at The Art of Non-Conformity went for a 20 mile run.

Questions We Ask Before We Trust Your New Idea
Another one where Seth Godin hits the nail on the head with something I need to hear.

How to Deconstruct Your Fear: An Exercise
I was introduced to this during my Starbucks days, but had forgotten about it. Danielle LaPorte encourages us and gives us a tool to snip the wires of a ticking anxiety bomb.

Tattoo Thinking
Seth Godin asks, “What are you waiting for? It’s not as permanent as a tattoo.”

Container Principle
Susan Piver describes possible ways to create a container to begin weaving practice – and creating strong containers for those practices. (Also? I’m working on a resources page, but Susan’s Open Heart Project is totally on it. If you’ve ever thought about a meditation practice, but not sure where to begin? OHP is a great place!)

Shaping a Heart
Guest post over at The Artist’s Road – looking at both structure and chaos as forms of creativity. (Plus, there are Legos.)

5 Thoughts on Gratitude
Another from the Art of Non-Conformity, about gratitude.

It’s about asking the right question, not about getting the right answer.

Why We Suffer
An insightful post from writer and contemplative arts teacher, Miriam Hall – not just about suffering, but creativity, process, and space.

On Boredom and the Radical Act of Doing Nothing
Susan Piver talks about the ways boredom may manifest, when there’s space and openness.

August Break: Day 25
A beautiful post from Jill at A Thousand Shades of Gray, examining that uncomfortable place between hope and fear.

What Three Mental Qualities are Roused by our Meditation Practice?
A good reminder (that I sometimes often need) of why I meditate

On Tender Spaces and Not Fixing Anything
A fantastic reminder from Jen Lemen (it also mentions Oriah Mountain Dreamer, so I figure it’s meant to be on this list this week.)

3 Questions to Kill Every Excuse You’ve Ever Had
Though, kill seems so harsh… either way, this is great :)

Here’s to the Mess
A great guest post over at Kind Over Matter. (And inspiration to this week’s Weekend Prompting.)

The Incredible Healing Power of Authenticity
From writer Ollin Morales, how being yourself is powerful and healing. “The world desperately needs you to be you.”


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