Coming off a U.S. holiday weekend… The importance of unplugging

Blast from the past

This past weekend was Labor Day in the United States and it was the last weekend before school starts again for me. (Thursday!) It was also the first weekend Sarah has had school-free for nearly 30 weeks. (Her school is on a quarter system, and March through late-August is a rough stretch with no break.)

I had scheduled posts through yesterday, thinking I’d be online. But the weekend ended up being primarily unplugged – just checking email and Facebook periodically, but nothing very time intensive.

Instead, we spent Saturday in D.C., exploring museums and having great food. Sunday and Monday were spent in comfy clothes, watching NCIS and I was working on knitting a super secret project I’d like to have done by the end of the year. (I am a very slow knitter. And this is a very large project.)

I was reminded how very important this kind of time is. That practice, work, reading, school – all of this is important and vital to what I do. At the same time? To have unstructured time, without color-coded schedules or to do lists or syllabi? It was quite wonderful and rejuvenating. Because, after I got up this morning, I was more focused and able to get to work on entering in assignments into my planner, working on blog posts, and even planning for a soon-to-be-released video post here!

I seem to often forget how important it is to have these moments. That even when I’m trying to slow down, I remember the lists of tasks, the stacks of books. It’s not often that I let myself not only slow down, but let go of those things when I can.

And now, after an afternoon of organization and planning, I have my books ready and my assignments in my planner, and I’m ready to hit the ground running this semester.

Which is good, because, well….

I already have homework…


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