Weekend Reads

My Google Reader feed is finally under 1000+ unread items, but not by much. I’m still slowly going through them, as I can’t bear the thought of potentially missing a gem of a post; but, with the beginning of school, I may have to cut down on the number of blogs I’m reading. It makes me very sad; I also know I can’t keep up at the pace I was. We’ll see how it goes, but either way, I’ll continue to do Weekend Reads :)

Who knows, this might end up being things I’ve skimmed and want to later spend more time with!

Share your comments and your own great finds in the comments (or your own blog)! Just be sure to point me in that direction :)

A Break in the Routine
Carla, over at Living Wild and Precious, talks about “clear days” – think of them like snow days – and how Hurricane Isaac reminded her of the importance of them.

It’s Not All Rosy (and what to do if it goes wrong)
A great post reminding me that this whole adventure is full of twists, turns, ups, and downs.

Human Being Inside: Handle with Care
A wonderful reminder from The Freedom Experiment.

Down Day
The Yarn Harlot (one of my favourite bloggers and a beautiful knitter) talks about how she handled her down day. (I also love the first paragraph, because it’s totally how I’m feeling right now).

Get Disciplined, Not Motivated
An interesting look at discipline versus motivation. My thoughts? You need motivation to set up discipline, but from there? Discipline is a practice. That’s the short-as-of-this-moment thought.

5 Smarter Habits of Great Writers
Some interesting advice that you might not guess.

Creating Villains and Heroes with Killer Chemistry
This looks really interesting. It’s something I struggle with in my own writing, sometimes. This is one of those I want to spend more time with later. (As a side note, the Writers Don’t Cry series is awesome. They’re the main reason I link to the Amazon blog, Omnivoracious.)

How to put the Awe in Awesome
A really great post about what awesome means and what it evokes. (Plus? She quotes Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal. Which is a fantastic book.)

The Guy on my Street who Prays
This s a great post about noticing, questioning, and our surroundings.

Comfort: The Silent Threat Keeping You Stuck and Miserable
I’ve been waiting to read more of Courage 2 Create until I had time, but, since that seems limited, I skimmed this one and want to come back to it. While I think there are times when comfort and safety are paramount, there are times that stepping out into discomfort is just the ticket.

Self-doubt is a season
This one resonated with me on so many levels.

Can Dreams be Dangerous?
A really interesting question, with a surprising answer.

And last, but certainly not least: Added to the Resources Page this week!

Golden Spiral Bookkeeping is my financial guru. Her passion for financials, along with clear explanations of what all those numbers in the spreadsheet mean helps me understand the financial part of my business.


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