Trying new things is good for the soul

A bit of self-disclosure: I’m not very good about trying things I will probably be very bad at. Or even potentially hurt during. There is a part of me that gets really itchy about those kinds of things.

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to try archery for the first time. Sarah and my dad both got a bunch of arrows to shoot at the archery booth and, unfortunately, Sarah got hurt partway through. (Major bruising, though not major injury, thankfully.) So, she offered the rest of her bunch to me, to see if I wanted to try.

I had been shying away from it; it seemed hard and I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to even attempt. But, as there were arrows and there wasn’t really a chance that Sarah would be finishing it, I took over the bow and arrows she had been using. My dad was in the “cubicle” next to me, and started talking me through the set up. (Especially since the way I was trying to shoot would’ve injured me.)

And while I wasn’t very good at it, it was amazingly fun.

It makes me wonder, a day later, what sort of things I keep myself from doing, simply because I’m scared of it, or because I think I won’t be good at it?

And? This really fun shot came out of it, too. It’s always interesting to see myself in photos, especially one I really like. It doesn’t happen way too often, really. But, this one? The concentration and the fun shirt make it a great combination I like :)


Trying archery for the first time!

What things do you keep yourself from because you think you won’t be good at it? –


6 thoughts on “Trying new things is good for the soul

  1. Unfortunately, I am willing to start or try many things until I realize I may not finish well. Novel writing is one of those things. So, I’ve been sitting at 32000 words for way too long. Waiting for the next breakthrough.

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