Weekend Reads

This week’s Weekend Reads is a bit short (for me); between learning a new schedule with the beginning of both school and my assistantship, coupled with getting sick early in the week, I’ve spent most of my time I would’ve been reading my Reader feed in bed. (So, if you’re itching for more, and haven’t gone through other weeks’ links, check out the Weekend Reads tag to get more reading goodness!)

Book Writing Saturday
Jill describes the process I often (most days) go through when sitting down to write. And… she talks about walking through to the other side.

Three Truths and One Wish
This one is one I will come back to, many times, as I go further in my counseling career. This is beautiful.

Meet You at the End of the Line
Noel over at French Christmas is everything I want to be in a writer – smart, succinct, and thoughtful. The imagery she creates is *lovely.* I would recommend the whole blog! (This one just happened to pop up in my feed first.)

The Path of Least Resistance
A great reminder! This post doesn’t go where you think it might.

How to cut your work time in half (and get more done)
An interesting look at to dos and working. I know this wouldn’t have necessarily worked when I had to be some place for 8 hours a day, but a really great thought-provoking piece as I am working on lots of smaller things now.

Pen + Paper
A great reminder of the pros and cons of handwriting. (Plus? I love seeing people’s handwriting!)

How to Find Your Life’s Work Brainstorm
Another image-based post with great handwriting. Plus, I could probably write a blog post about each one of these! Score!

Do Fairy Tales Come True?
A lovely post about the (supposed) division between magic and non-magic moments in our lives.

My superpower
An interesting look at truth telling, the internet, and Susannah Conway’s superpower.


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