Weekend Reads

Another smaller list this week. I’m still trying to find a balance between clearing the Reader and being present to what is important and what needs to be done. So, there may be a few blogs represented heavily this week. Mostly likely because that was all I was able to read.

Still working on it.

Have you found some great articles or posts this week? I’d love to read them!

10 Fundraising Lessons
A singer-songwriter friend of mine, Adena Atkins, is currently fundraising for a new EP that she’s creating. She shares 10 lessons she’s learned from the process. It’s an openhearted, curious, and compassionate inquiry – just like her music.

Kitchen 101: How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Okay, sounds silly to include in my weekend reads list, but this is *fantastic* advice, and I love Cassie’s style of writing. Plus, I love a great grilled cheese.

50+ Better Questions to Ask Than How to be More Productive
Okay, the title to this totally captured my attention. This will totally be a revisit.

Allowing Your Blogging Voice to Evolve
A great look from Patrick at The Artist’s Road at blogging voice and the changes that (often) occur in the blogosphere.

8 Life Lessons, Gracefully Learned – Advice for my Younger Self
A really interesting look at looking back, learning, and moving forward.

Be Inspired and Be Inspiring
An interesting look at inspiration and how there is more than one kind of inspiration. I almost started crying reading this one.

You Aren’t a Problem, You’re a Person
A fantastic post (another from Back to Her Roots; she’s got a lot of great ones this week!) about looking at our own self talk and self definition and how that helps or hinders us.

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