Weekend Reads

I did it, my friends. I hit the “mark all as read” on my Google Reader last Saturday. It was sitting close to 700 blog posts again, and I just… well, with as overwhelmed as I’m already starting to feel, I had to. So, I know I’ve missed some of my favourite bloggers’ posts. BUT… starting at the beginning of the week, I had a fresh slate, to keep up to date.

It’s nice to be able to sit down, read, and see

Your reading list has no unread items.

It also means you get more linky links! Enjoy! (And don’t forget to pass along any great reads you’ve found this week!)


The Very French Way of Ensuring That Freedom Won’t Make You Crazy
This is freaking fantastic, and a wonderful way to remind me to schedule what’s most important.

Book Writing Saturday
A beautiful reminder that book writing (and writing, in general) is our whole lives, encompassing so much more than just our time at the page.

Start Close In…
A lovely first blog post, reminding me that blogging is and can be so many things.

The Part of ‘Being Creative’ We Don’t Talk Much About
A powerful post about the hard parts of creativity. This was a scan and definite reread.

Day of Rest
Jill at A Thousand Shades of Gray writes about what it’s all about.

36 Hours in Baltimore, Hon
News of the Times gives a great whirlwind tour of the best of Baltimore!

Anais Nin on the Meaning of Life and the Dangers of the Internet
A really interesting take on an old passage. Love the quote :)

What Moves You Is Real
Ollin at Courage 2 Create has another whammy of a post, exploring love, reality, and being authentic. (Also? If you don’t already follow C2C – do it!)

My T-Rex Kills Your Brontosaurus
This is equal parts awesome, hysterical, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Cordelia at Cordelia Calls It Quits does it again.

What makes you come alive?
I really want this quote tattooed on my body. I need daily reminders of it.

See Your Beautiful in the Yoga Mirror
As an avid mirror-avoider, this resonated, deeply.


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