Poetry Monday: My first introduction to poetry

Like most young children in America (I like to believe), I was first introduced to the beauty of words and poetry through the magical works of Shel Silverstein.

Enjoy some silliness, word play, and creativity this Monday morning!

(Link for embedded video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNiaYHZme_U)


5 thoughts on “Poetry Monday: My first introduction to poetry

    • Oooh, good to know! I’ll have to check this out!

      I have mixed feelings for The Giving Tree, sometimes. I think, on the one hand, it’s beautiful, but on the other? The thought of giving giving giving until there’s nothing left of you to give could be an unhealthy message for some. ;)

      • Yep. He was a pretty prolific and interesting fellow.

        Very true about the Giving Tree. I saw a good parody of it from a feminist perspective once. Can’t remember where, though.

        • Prolific and interesting like Dr. Seuss? :)

          Hm. That might be worth looking up some time :) Thanks for the heads up :)

          • He did stuff in the military like Dr. Suess, but I don’t think Geisel did cartoons for Playboy. Or wrote hit songs. ;)

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