Tests, challenges, and stepping up

Great! Nachos Sticker
Great! Nachos Sticker (Photo credit: Enokson)

I am currently studying for an exam in one of my classes. While I may often be thought of as a good student, grade wise, I would probably not be nominated for best study skills ever. :) I recognize that and am working with it. (Part of what helped is that I originally went into a subject area that requires good arguments in papers, not memorization.)

But, with this new challenge and facet of my life path, I am processing through writing everything out (multiple times) and trying to make connections in my head through talking, thinking, and more writing. It’s often how things stick most clearly in my brain.

I would love to hear from you in the comments. So, tell me, my fair readers :

  • How do you learn best?
  • What mode works best for you?
  • How do you best stay motivated when working on a a project that requires attention and detail?

4 thoughts on “Tests, challenges, and stepping up

  1. I learn best by reading and doing. Lectures have always gone in one ear and out the other. Conversations can work, but I’ve also learned that if I don’t write things down, they might as well have not happened. Staying motivated? Divide the project into doable chunks, give myself rewards along the way, and music!

    • I am right there with you about having to write things down. If it’s not written, then it’s possible that things become part of the blob of my brain and never gets pulled back out again :)

      Music is a great motivator. What’s some of your favourite reward/work music?

  2. I always found “study” to be way too amorphous a blob. I need a task, even if it’s made up. Make an awesome summary sheet. Work all the previous qualifying exam problems. Type the notes. Write one-page summaries of All The Things.

    I also respond well to “none of us are leaving this room until we’re all done” style studying. But left on my own, to just “look over things”… I decide I’m done way too soon. Collaborating, saying “we should try one like this,” and explaining things to each other… so useful. [Finding people I could work on problems with was *huge* in grad school.]

    Working on big projects with detail stuff actually comes pretty naturally to me… once I’m started. I’m working now on finding modes of working on those big projects that are not “clear the entire day, take oneself someplace else, stop when finished”… because it’s awesome when I have the space to do that, but so often, I don’t. Which means doing the starting part over and over again. [Familiar sounding? It’s a thing. ;^)]

    • *nod* I think that’s part of the issue with me, sometimes, too, is that it feels big and amorphous and I have no idea what I’m really doing. Rereading things is only so helpful, though of course, I guess it’s better than not doing anything? I did a lot of copying things on to notecards for this exam.

      *laughs in an ‘I understand’ way* I totally get the “let’s look over things” ending way too soon if left to one’s own devices. I ended up starting way too late to do much more than copy things and then reread then a time or two.

      Starting over again and again, the little bits meaning as much as a whole day… totally get that, too. So hard to remember and put into practice. *hugs*

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