Weekend Reads

I apologize for missing Weekend Prompting yesterday. Between my exam and last minute preparations for today’s half marathon (race report tomorrow, I hope!), I wasn’t able to get it done. Permission slips, yes?

And, in that light, today’s Weekend Reads is smaller than normal, but no less delicious! (And apparently, I also forgot to actually publish. Thank you for your graciousness.)

Monday Morning Music
A deliciously creepy start to the week. (This is a weekly feature on M. Fenn’s blog, and it’s usually pretty awesome music!)

React versus Create
An interesting look at how creating space (and practice) can create “something from nothing.”

The Balance Between Authenticity and Creativity
What are your principles in the balance between authenticity and creativity (and living sustainably as a creative)? Patrick Ross gives some food for thought.

How to Loosen the Grip of Writer’s Block
A great look at one way on how to work with Writer’s Block.

REMEMBER! There’s still time to sign up for a (free!) Guinea Pig Session! Registration for the two Monday classes closes tomorrow! (See Current Class Offerings above for sign up and more details!)


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