Weekend Reads

We’ve got another short one this week! This week’s been trying to stay on top of things – and I’ve only been remotely successful. Here’s to hopefully a stronger week and a weekend of productivity!

Here are some great articles I was able to catch. Some of my favourite blogs I wasn’t able to tap into yet over the past few weeks, because I know there’s always richness there to sink in to, like warm healing water. And I haven’t been in that mind set the past few weeks.

Getting there!

In the meantime, some reads for your pleasure!

Read the Way You Write: Classify It, Deconstruct It, Play with It
A really interesting look at how reading and writing continue to walk hand in hand – even when we think we don’t have time.

Big failure, big success. 12 people to keep you going.
A fantastic reminder, especially when you’re feeling frustrated or unsuccessful.

Be happy in advance
A really great look at a possible outlook on the hard or challenging things.

A Brief Guide to Bravery
This is one to revisit, as I didn’t get the chance to read through all of it. But I love the title!

The Story We Find Ourselves In
Amen. This asks a lot of great questions about our storytelling selves. (I know nothing about the class they’re offering. I liked the questions.)

Vacation Life (A Beginning)
I love Melissa Jenna’s outlook and it’s one I really appreciate and want to incorporate into my own experience of my lovely hometown.


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