Weekend Reads

I am (just barely) under 300 unread items in my Google Reader… so, this week’s Weekend Reads will be another small one. Not entirely sure getting caught up will happen this week, depending on what Frankenstorm brings our way late this weekend.

First Snow
A beautiful exploration of letting go of what we know and looking at impermanence.

“Cherish These Years”
Another great reminder of impermanence.

I Have to Show Up – Thoughts on Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
An interesting exploration of vulnerability, building a business, and showing up.

My Students are Terrible Writers
An interesting look at what we may believe about ourselves as writer.

Just One Thing
Sometimes, what we have written before comes back to tell us exactly what we need in this moment.

Today’s Meditation
A really great video from Susan Piver’s Open Heart Project, looking at what it means when we find ourselves becoming more sensitive as we practice more.

Do What You Hate
An interesting flip on the common statement, “Do what you love.” An interesting look.

get curious
Another good reminder about what to do when triggered, rather than acting out.

Why Simple is Hard and Why Easy Sucks
A reminder that what is simple is important and easy isn’t always the way to go.

Wishcasting Wednesday
Another lovely post from Jill over at A Thousand Shades of Gray; what she wishes to say yes to.

How to Find Your Inner Teenager
A really interesting look at how to tap into one’s inner teenager.


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