V+R Announcements: Planning ahead

Pen, Diary and Glasses

Okay, so maybe it will be more frequently than biweekly that I’ll do announcements. I guess I just like to keep everyone updated on what to expect from me (it also allows me to plan accordingly!).

Right now, there are no open registrations. But, never fear! I’m planning on holding another workshop (this time around gratitude) in mid-November, and I’m planning a few shorter class sessions. Next week, I hope to have more information about all of that!

With that in mind, if you’re interested in taking classes with me, and the times have just simply not worked out, please contact me! And I’m looking at people across the country and world! I’d love to write with you, so let’s see if we can put some times together!

Also note, I’ll be taking a break from class sessions and workshops from early December through mid-January. The holidays are always a stressful time (something my December workshop will talk more about) and I will also be both in finals and then traveling. So, just a heads up.

And finally, I’m also contemplating a redesign of the page. This is still being pondered, but I’m hoping by the beginning of next year to have everything looking new and shiny! (That seems so far away, but really, it’s not. Scary, right?) I realize that there are some places I can definitely improve the look and feel of the page, as well as some content.

Until then, though, I’ll keep trying to post regularly! I love the conversation and look forward to more!


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