Weekend Reads

If it looks like these are all from earlier than this week, it’s possible that they are. I’m working to catch up on my reader feed. We’ll see how it goes. This week has flown by, and Google Reader Feed hasn’t topped the list, unfortunately.

Either way, here’s some good reading! Send me links of your own of all the good stuff you’ve read this week!

A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians
A really well-done (not funny) satire regarding rape and sexual assault. HEAVY trigger warning. A really intense, but muchly needed, post. (I try not to be political here; in this case, I volunteer with a sexual assault and domestic violence hotline. I couldn’t not post this.)

Let Go and Begin (Again)
I thought this had made it to my list last week? Anyway, a beautiful post about practice, beginning again, and our lived lives.

Meditating Daily – No Matter What
A great reminder from Tara Brach about meditating daily – and that it doesn’t have to feel so strict. (Also resonates with Sakyong Mipham’s message that meditating a little every day is better than a huge chunk once every few weeks.)

No one ever bought anything on an elevator
A comforting post, since I still have a hard time talking about what I do in a short period of time. Give me questions, conversation? I’m great. Compressed description? Falls short.

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