Today, I choose…

Today’s post is based on the writing I did on Tuesday’s Facebook-posted prompt, “today I choose…” It was written post-voting. Remember, prompts are posted on Facebook every Monday through Friday!


meditation cushion
At the crossroads of Overwhelm and Fear, I try to create space.

Today I choose to change my story – to not look at myself as unpolitical, but to look at the world through eyes of stories and growth. Self-knowledge is a radical political act. My feminist foremothers knew this – that the personal is political. The ways that we all silent suffer through our lives and our worlds, the way we try to keep ourselves “okay” in others’ eyes – these are the stories others have told us.

Today I choose love – spending time fighting or calling each other names is not beneficial – we all have a story I choose to believe they are all intertwined, that at our core, we all want the world to be a good, safe place. And yet we see that our stories about what that means look very different.

I want to choose communication, open lines of discourse, while we look at our world with a clearer vision of what we want. I want this to be about a bigger world where we take care of each other. And maybe that’s why I choose THIS – I choose sitting and practice and storytelling. I choose to work on finding my hot button pushers and to work on listening deeply, not just fighting blindly.

Where do I stand?

I choose love. I choose fairness. I choose trying to do what’s right.


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