Weekend Reads

It’s been another busy week around these parts, so blog reading hasn’t really been able to be done. Here are some posts I’d read late last week, or very early this week.

I’d love to see some of your recommended posts!

An Unashamed Tortoise: Why ‘Slow’ Doesn’t Equal Failure
One of the first Freshly Pressed articles that caught my attention in a while. This is a fantastic ode to the slow, steady method of writing, in contrast to NaNoWriMo’s hare race. (Both are important.)

Wellness Calendar: November 2012 (with free printable)
Another great printable from Cassie at Back to Her Roots… this is all about wellness in November.

Dwelling in Miracle
Beth takes time to enjoy the miracles offered in the every day.

Committed Coaching
I’ve been following Krissie’s blogs for about a year now. She’s now a registered running coach, ready to help you reach your running goals!

6 Blog Design Tips for Non-Bloggers
You may see some of these changes soon! A great, easy to understand post from a very stylish blogger!

Only Us: Beyond Republican and Democrat
By the time this posts, it will be post US election… but will still be valid and viable and important.

Giving Up On Once-And-For-All
A great reminder of the path we all are on… and that it’s never a “once and for all” process.

Monday Motivation: Hard Isn’t Bad
I keep getting this message in my life right now… I guess I need it, according to the Universe. (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…)

Hurricane Sandy’s Rats
An interesting look at storms and what comes out when we face them (or are forced to).


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