Weekend Reads

For the first time in a long long time, I’m (briefly) caught up with my reading in Google Reader, so I have LOTS of tasty reading this week. (Remember, these posts will always be here.)

What fun, inspiring, insightful things have you found around the Internet this week?

The #1 Way to Work with your Inner Critic
Such great advice, sometimes so hard to do. Slow down.

Three Truths and One Wish
As I commented in this post, these words made my heart thrum. They gave me A LOT to think about.

Are you afraid to begin?
An interesting look at the fear of beginning.

When you don’t know what to do…
Seth Godin gives another brief, but poignant, post.

Body Awareness, Body Acceptance, Body Love
A reminder that all of this is a process that we begin, again and again.

Living in Rumi’s Field
An insightful look at living in the field out beyond wrong doing and right doing.

Joy Unexpected
Sometimes, we get what we need even when we don’t want to be there.

Day of Rest
When do you hit the snooze button on what may be incredible?

5 Lessons I Learned From My First Ultra Marathon
Lessons in long distance running… they can fit into regular life, too.

QUIT: Dying on the Treadmill
A really interesting look at what “being on the treadmill” might mean.

Book Writing Saturday
What’s your dream, and what does creating space mean?

On Envy
Oh, boy. Can I relate to this one!

You Are Good Enough
A look at what it means to be good enough, and what that means.

Be Kind to You Friends and Yourself: 10 Ways
Great reminders, good ideas. I loved the last one.

Soul Soup. (Keep this in mind when you’re falling apart.)
A great reminder that sometimes, when things are falling apart, you’re building something new.

The Discipline of Feeling Good
Wait? Discipline? Feeling Good? Together? Yes. And it makes sense.

I’m Thankful That They Wait
A look at one woman’s relationship with words.

In Honor of Your Journey
Sometimes, we just need the acknowledgement of our path.

Post-Election Spirituality
Counselor Janice McWilliams looks at what post-election spirituality might look like.

15 Radical Was to Get Unstuck
An interesting look at getting unstuck, and some ways to work with it.

Help, My Writing is Broken! (Or How to Deal with Writer’s Block)
Articles on writer’s block are always interesting. :)

One cool way to figure out what your badass life is about
A new perspective on purpose statement, this time with a bit of badassery to go with it.

On Failing, Falling – and The One Practice That Will Save You No Matter What
An interesting look at failing and keepin’ on.

Monday Morning Music
A really freaking amazing video – shoutout to M. Fenn for sharing it on Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s birthday!

How Your Past Lives Can Lead You to Success
A good reminder that we don’t have to throw out all that’s come before to be where we are now.

You Needn’t Suffer Fools: Creating Boundaries Around Your Personal Story
A good reminder that sometimes, our stories are not yet ready or willing for the world.

The Exact Same Person in the Exact Same Place
A great look at what it means to be in the same place, but maybe not the same.

An interesting look at the labels writer and author and what they mean to one woman.

I’m Back
A great image and reminder.

You Are Whole.
This one slapped me in the face (in a good way) when I read it. The reminder that we can’t necessarily serve the world if we’re broken. (While I don’t 100% agree with that, in those exact words, that’s another blog post.)

Giving Yourself Space to Stumble
Self-kindness… messy moments, beautiful moments, all moments.


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