Announcements: Leaning into change

Hello, dear readers!

Earlier this week, I briefly mentioned that changes were running about in my life. One of the major changes is this space and the current Visible and Real offerings.

First, let’s talk a bit about the posts. I really enjoy being present here. Yet, as I am looking toward my spring semester – and even the end of this semester – I realize that daily posts are starting to feel burdensome. And that makes my writing less than stellar and in some ways, I feel wastes your time. I don’t want to waste your time.

Second, the offerings. I have not seen much interest in the online classes, and from some really helpful conversations with people, I recognize that committing to a two hour class – weekly – may feel like too much. So, there will be some major changes in the way that I approach my offerings as well.

What does this mean? The most immediate change is that – beginning today through Saturday, December 1, this space will become (mostly) radio silent. I will be back on Sunday, December 2 with a new posting schedule and new offerings (just in time for the holidays!).

For me, self-care has become a really important thing to remain mindful of. When this space began to feel only like something that I had to do, to cross something off my to do list, I knew it was time to take a hard look at this space and Visible and Real in general. Since starting this endeavour on August 1, I’ve learned a ton, re-envisioning things to make more sense, feel more authentic, and to continually redefine what it is that I’m trying to offer and create in this space.

So, like many important figures in my lineage, I feel it’s time for a mini-retreat, for some clarity, re-envisioning, and renewal.

While I’m gone, the site will still be up. This could be a great time to explore some of the links in Weekend Reads you may have missed, or you could (re)visit the Weekend Prompting posts and practice your storytelling voice. Or, continue to follow V+R over at Facebook for weekday prompts.

Also? If there are particular posts that you like seeing every week, please let me know! I don’t want to take away something that people find valuable. (As a reminder, the weekly posts are: Poetry Monday, Through the Glass Backwards, Weekend Prompting, and Weekend Reads.)

With much gratitude to you,



3 thoughts on “Announcements: Leaning into change

  1. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself, Steph, and I hope the mini-retreat goes well. For what it’s worth, my favorite weekly posts are Weekend Reads and Through the Glass Backwards. :)

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