Weekend Treats

Welcome to your ‘new’ weekend treats! This is a mash up of what was formerly Weekend Prompting on Fridays and Weekend Reads on Saturdays. Coming to you now in one easy format :)

Links from the Week

Visible and Real New Offering
Just a reminder that the Building Practice: 30 Days of Writing Practice workbook is ready and available for purchase. Learn more about it at the announcement page!

Ab/Normal, from Inside Space
Taking a look at how introversion, shame, normalcy, and authenticity all connect.

Joan Didion on Keeping a Notebook, from Brain Pickings
An insightful look at a 1968 article by Didion about why she keeps a notebook. Still relevant in today’s world of social media.

Let’s Make 2013 the Best Year Ever, from Susannah Conway
Susannah’s offering to her readers – a way to shape intention for the coming year.

Confession versus Expression, from Inside Space
A look at memoir writing, but also? A post that really caught me off-guard, in a good way. I had no idea I needed to hear this.

There’s a Little Real History in My Alternate History Series, from M. Fenn – skinnier than it is wide
I couldn’t just pick one of the three M. Fenn has currently posted about the real history in her soon-to-be-released short story, “So the Taino Called It”, so you get a link to everything tagged Substitution Cipher, the anthology her story will be in. (Candlemark and Gleam has set a December 18 release date. You do not want to miss it.)

Weekend Prompting

This past week has been insanely busy with schoolwork. Three papers due Thursday this week and a paper and two final exams next Thursday. I’m heading into the homestretch, but the week’s insanity prompted this week’s weekend prompting.

How do you (not) take care of yourself when things are busy busy?


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