Weekend Treats

Links from the Week

Reverb12: 7 from French Christmas
I’ve always loved Noel’s style and writing, even from meeting her way back during #reverb10. This post really resonates with me about being wrung dry and learning your way back to your own light.

Three Truths and One Wish from A Thousand Shades of Gray
A heartfelt reminder to start, start now, start where you are. You are needed.

You Are Great from Courage 2 Create
Ollin reminds us of the power of our own words and to do what matters most.

Energy in Motion from Kind Over Matter
An invitation to our feelings, to our world of energy inside of us.

8 Signs That You Were Meant to Be a Writer from Write to Done
Yes x 8. A humorous, though really truthful, look at what it may mean to be a writer.

It’s Okay from The Love Yourself Challenge!
This was a much needed message for the week about self-care and what’s okay.

Compassion from Erica Staab
While we’re at it, let’s talk a bit about how compassion fits into that self-care.

What’s Your Story? from the Jotter’s Joint
Gail talks about one of my favourite topics: storytelling… ours and others.

Weekend Prompting

Another busy week as I wrap up the fall semester, which is now done. As I was finishing, I kept saying the same thing before I said, “I’m done.” And I wondered what it could mean or what story could come from it… And so, the Weekend Prompting prompt was born.

for better or worse…


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