Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

A number of the links this week are about the school shooting that occurred last Friday. Here are a few of the responses that really struck me.

Connecticut at Susan Piver‘s blog
A beautiful look at sitting with one’s emotions during tragedy.

a break. at Back to Her Roots
What matters most? And when do we need to take a break?

Our Stories Matter Because We Matter from Brene Brown
A reminder that our stories, politics, and emotions are all bound together… and much more complex than people imagine.

Unspeakable Love from A Thousand Shades of Gray
How do (and can) we respond, really, to what happened last Friday?

Honor Yourself from Courage 2 Create
On not ignoring the quiet victories that aren’t loud, like failures can be.

What Do You Do When The Thing You Want Doesn’t Exist from It Starts With
Always a good motivator to create (though so very scary sometimes).

In a Mirror, Brightly from Cordelia Calls It Quits
What happens when we look at things through a mirror? How do we begin to see our world?

I Could Do That… Then Do It from The Time Management Ninja
Interesting look at what we can do… and what we choose to do. (This is mostly a reminder for me of all that I can do and MUST do.)

Day of Rest from A Thousand Shades of Gray
Jill hits the nail on the head with the universe’s messages of being yourself.

Obligatory Photo of the Author Reading Her New Book by M. Fenn
M. Fenn’s new book dropped this week and I cannot tell you how excited I am to read it during my trip next month! I know her story is pretty amazing and the others sound really fantastic. Alternate histories await!

Weekend Prompting

Sometimes, song lyrics are helpful in finding a snippet of a line which cracks open the door on a view I hadn’t thought about before. This one is from “One Shot Deal” by Edie Carey.

what you said that morning…


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