Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

Christmas and Closeness from Inside Space
A reminder of what the holidays can bring, and ways to work with it.

Doing What You Love (But Maybe You Can’t Get Paid For It) from Seth Godin
An interesting reminder of doing what you love… and some thoughts about potentially being paid for it.

In Which I Get Angry at the Ones Who Judge the Grieving from Beth Morey
This post is but one of many at Beth’s blog which are testaments to her openness and willingness to share what is challenging in the face of loss.

How to Get Yourself Off Your Lazy Butt and Start Writing Already from Courage 2 Create
Some great tips of getting started with writing… I appreciate the reminder that this is hard work.

Which Wolf Are You Feeding? from Tara Brach
How do we connect with our hearts? How do we approach ourselves when we’re hurt?

We Aren’t Blind, We Just Have Our Eyes Closed from Thousand Shades of Gray
Leaning into the planlessness of being with oneself… a message I needed to hear.

Letting the Tightness Go from Kel’s Space
I think that sometimes, this time of year holds a lot more tightness than usual. This was a good reminder that I’m not alone.

Weekend Prompting

As this is the last weekend of the year, I leave you with a weekend prompting to potentially launch a storytelling year ahead for you.

the story I most want to tell is…

Ready? Happy writing!


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