Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

Monday Morning Music from M. Fenn
Such a fun bouncy song. A good way to start a Friday.

The Lies We Believe… from The Love Yourself Challenge!
A great reminder, especially after some of this week’s posts.

Step by Little Step from Thousand Shades of Gray
How do we learn to trust? How do we work toward our best selves, who are already there?

Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Today from Blog of Impossible Things
Resolutions on New Year’s can be refreshing… but you don’t have to wait!

The Whole Effing Gorgeous Point… from Danielle LaPorte
This really honest look at how we fall off our own wagons/bridges/thought trains was really refreshing.

3 Steps for Creative Writers to Tell It Slant from The Artist’s Road
Looking at how to to tell it slant (another way to show, not tell). A good resource!

Breathe In the Longing, Breathe Out the Wish from Thousand Shades of Gray
How to listen for what is really needed… how to settle in with the whole world.

my 2013 goals: less and more from Back to Her Roots
A great way to look at goals and goal setting, especially if you feel like you’re coming up short.

The Secret to Staying Loyal to Your Writing Schedule from Courage 2 Create
An interesting look at keeping a writing schedule. (Though the writing prompt one, I might disagree with. On some levels. But get what he’s saying.)

Writer’s block and the drip from Seth Godin
Reading Courage 2 Create’s just before this one was the universe’s message to me about showing up, I think.

Weekend Prompting

As I am currently traveling and away from home for a few weeks, it has inspired this week’s weekend prompting:

home is…

Happy writing!


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