Weekend Treats

2013-01-09 15.19.46
Thanks so much for being such a patient group the last few weeks while I’ve been gone. There are a ton of ideas rolling around my head for posts; they’ll be coming up in the next few weeks. Enjoy your weekend with this lovely ocean picture, some great reads, and a prompt. This is the weekend of catch up, so I will see you on Monday!

Links of the Week

(As I’m sure you can guess, I’m working on getting caught up here… but here are a few that definitely caught my attention that I do not want you to miss! More next week.)

Well, That Turned Out Well by M. Fenn
M. Fenn is celebrating her 100th post with good news about Substitution Cipher’s outcome on a readers’ poll (and a giveaway!). Head on over; it’s a fantastically fun read.

Six Words Can’t Possible Contain Her from Thousand Shades of Gray
This is an amazing manifesto, in sets of six words. Read it. Read it NOW.

Being Bold for the Babylost: Not Forgotten Angel Baby Drawings by Beth Morey
A beautiful, bold move in art, opening one’s heart, and walking alongside others.

10 Things I Learned about Life (and Teaching) from Lynn Whipple from This Side of the Mirror
A fantastic look at how what Janet Lee learned at a mixed media workshop can be applied in many areas of her life.

So I said yes. I will stop running. from Trust Tending
A really interesting look at how to the urge to self-discover can ebb and flow and about turning back toward it.

Weekend Prompting

This week’s weekend prompting was partly inspired by my 2013 intention and a number of blog posts I’ve been catching up on. I’m finding that intention means leaning and living into something, not that I’ve got it figured out. (Shocking, yes? I just gently laugh at myself.) But, the first question is also one that arises in some of my classes, both overtly and under the radar. The second? Well, just sort of flows from the first for me.

What do you believe (trust) about the process?
What do you believe (trust) about yourself?

Happy writing.


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