Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

Like I said last week, I’m working on getting caught up on the great content that was posted while I was on vacation. Of course, that didn’t quite happen. Where did the week go? But, here are a few posts I was able to check out this week.

Thanks for your patience!

The Myth about Following Your Intuition by Danielle LaPorte
An interesting twist on finding your calling and what it means/takes to follow it.

Allowing Yourself to Break Before You Bloom from Courage 2 Create
A fantastic reminder about what happens before you bloom.

#Reverb12: 26 from French Christmas
A gentle look at vulnerability.

What Matters Most from The Love Yourself Challenge
A good thought-provoker about what do we care about that keeps us from caring about what matters the most to us?

Five Ways I Stopped Letting Money Get in the Way of Living from Living Wild and Precious
A fascinating look at how we see money and learning new ways with it. (Note: Very compassionate tone, too, makes it more likely I’ll actually think about these things!)

9 Ways to Stay On The Writer’s Fast Track Once You’re On It from Courage 2 Create
While I in no way see myself on the “fast track” right now, these nine statements resonated as a writer’s call to productivity for me.

Dreaming is Hard Work from The Jotter’s Joint
A really neat look at hard work and when we get called back to our work.

Weekend Prompting

One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot this week is how I respond when things get thrown off track. What does it look like and how do I take it? So, your weekend prompting…

when it all goes wrong

Happy writing! (And remember that weekdays, there are daily prompts posted over at Twitter and Facebook!)


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