Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

Oh, friends, life catches up on me and all plans go flying away :) But, I’m learning to roll with it. I appreciate your patience and comments!

From the Heart from Susannah Conway
I respect this post, for all its nuances and truth-telling. It’s one of the things I’ve been wrestling with recently.

The Day My Life Didn’t Change from Janice McWilliams
An interesting look moments when our life could change… and what it might mean.

20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision from FlavorWire
Linked to by Susannah Conway on her Something for the Weekend post last week. A look at revision.

Thoughts on Guilt from the Yarn Harlot
This post really struck a chord, as it’s a topic that came up last week in my diversity class, in a very real, concrete way. Ponderings on privilege, class, and worth. No answers, just more questions.

Doh! from Cannfirmations
A really great look at owning mistakes when it’s ours to own and how to understand them… even when we don’t want to.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do from Blog of Impossible Things
Simple, powerful, but so hard to remember.

Blessed in Not Knowing from Trust Tending
A good follow up to the post above. (Note: These were both messages I need right now.)

Courageous Anxiety from Janice McWilliams
How do we see/interact with our emotions? How do we view them? This was not a new perspective for me, but definitely one that always fascinates.

Weekend Prompting

A lot in my life right now feels unknown in my life. A lot of applications, resumes, CVs all being put together in my life so that I can see what next steps might be. And, as I was reading a bit in my feed this week (when I had the chance), this sense of unknowing resonated there, too. So, this weekend’s prompting is taken from there

What I don’t know is…

Happy writing!


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