Through the Glass Backwards: Trust, Unknowing, and Dancing

trustI’ve been thinking about resumes and applications recently, as that is what has been taking up brain space when I’m not working on school work. And I realize that any application process requires a lot of dancing with uncertainty and a lot of trust.

I’m putting in this work and energy in the hopes that there will be a chance in there for me. That someone is willing to trust my previous experience, my unspoken abilities, and that the ones I’ve spoken for look a bit like what they’re expecting. It’s a dance of uncertainty, not knowing what either party will get or what will happen.

And yet, there are a lot of ways we fill out applications, even without paper copies or resumes or answering KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities questions for federal job applications). Rather, we are putting ourselves out there when we walk down the street, when we look at other people, when others look at us.

What are we willing to see? What uncertainty and space are we willing to dance with? Are we willing to hold trust in the palm of our hands and see what arises?

Can we allow ourselves the freshness of unknowing?


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