Weekend Treats

Weekend Reads

Another busy week here at V+R. (Where does it go?) Here are a few of the gems I was able to catch. How about you?

On Behalf of Yes from Seth Godin
A reminder of the power of “yes.”

The Myth About Following Your Intuition from Danielle LaPorte
A realist’s look at what following your intuition might mean.

Keep Writing from It Starts With
A message I always need. Another look at it. (And while I’m not sure I fully agree with all of it, the pulse underneath is awesome.)

Learning to See Past the Mask from Tara Brach
A long but well-worth read about looking past the masks both we and others wear.

The Best Advice from Neil Gaiman
I always appreciate Neil Gaiman’s words, but the sharing of this advice seems well timed right now.

Changing the System from The Art of Non-Conformity
No pressure. None at all. (But a great article.)

Perserverating on a Power Outage: Why vs. How from Janice McWilliams
An interesting look at how to change the question you’re asking to change the story.

Entrusting Yourself to the Waves from Tara Brach
Looking at noticing, being aware, and being open.

Weekend Prompting

Did you see yesterday’s post? That’s where this week’s weekend prompting comes from. :)

What are some forms of self-care you use? What reminds you to take a few moments for it?


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