Then and now: A look across the years (snapshot version)

There’s this really interesting meme going around Facebook right now, where people give you an age and you list a bunch of information about yourself at that time, and then a follow-up with your current age. It’s really gotten me thinking about the changes over the last ten years (my ages were 21 and 24). My 20s were a time full of turmoil, though at the time, it felt like life would always be like that and that I would always respond in the same ways. (Thank goodness this doesn’t have to be the truth, that there is room for change.)


Age: 21…(February, 2003)
Relationship: Single
Lived: Huntingdon, PA
Worked: Office of the President at school; last semester of my senior year
Drove: Gertrude, a blue-green 1994 Honda Accord
Fears: Of being alone; of not fitting in, as I was just returning from France; of not doing well
Biggest accomplishment: Having traveled/studied in France

Age: 24…(February, 2006)
Relationship: Partnered, but doing long distance
Lived: Madison, WI
Worked: Barista at Starbucks
Drove: Gertrude, still
Fears: Of my relationship not working out; of annoying my roommate’s; of not finding a career-job
Biggest accomplishment: Finishing my master’s degree


Age: 31…(February, 2013)
Relationship: Happily (legally) married
Live: Baltimore, MD
Work: As a graduate assistant, but mostly my work is as a graduate student
Drive: J-Wu, a beige 2005 Honda CR-V
Fears: Of not being good enough; of walking “the wrong path”; of living numbed out
Biggest accomplishment: Leaving my full time job to go back to school (not so much an accomplishment but a great big, OMG)

And yet, it’s interesting to think about all of the things that get left out of these snapshots of time. It’s fascinating to me to see what I choose to remember and what I don’t. (I looked back at old journals from however many years ago, and there was a lot I chose to not remember. So interesting to think about what I feared and how those fears shape(d) my path… or not.

Learning to find kindness for that young woman I was.


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