Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

A bit more on time this week! Hooray! I hope your week has been wonderful and I wish you happy reading!

In the Art… Studio? from Beth Morey
A fantastic ode to creation – regardless of place or large swaths of time.

3 Writer’s Truths from The Jotter’s Joint
The Jotter brings us some great thoughts she’s had about what she’s learning in her writing life.

Day of Rest from A Thousand Shades of Gray
Reminders of practice – that practice is all there is.

Renew Your Passion for Running: Be Spontaneous and Ask Why Not? from Will Run for Glitter
A great reminder of ways to potentially renew passion for running many things.

Juicy Anxiety from Inside Space
An important reminder that there is often treasure under the anxiety.

Those People from Seth Godin
A really powerful reminder.

Weekend Prompting

This week has been full of rushing around, getting things done, and that moment where you look at a long term project and see there’s just one (or two) more things to do. There’s still a push, but it’s doable. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that the journey is as much as part of what you’re doing as the doing. So, this weekend prompting comes from that space.

What are you in the midst of right now?

Happy writing!


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