Where does time go: Or, welcome to the 200th post

I’ve been thinking about this post on and off for the past few days. Thinking I should throw confetti and toot horns and make a big deal about it. Two hundred posts in this space. Two hundred moments to wake up and to see the world. Two hundred posts reaching out into the world to wave and say, “This has been my experience.”It’s interesting to think about the changes that have occurred over the past 200 posts. The sharp turns in focus and the refocusing. The constant process of showing up, recognizing I don’t have to have any answers. (Because, really? I don’t have any. Well, not many.)

Today is a typical day here in my world: a meeting later today, the rest of the day fighting between wanting to do All The Things and wanting to nap. The balance between writing a blog post and then getting to work. The coffee mug to my left being sipped and slowly savored. The bare branches outside of the window, starting to push out their little buds, struggling in the crisp winter-fighting-with-spring wind. Cars rolling past on the way to their own destinations.

Stephanie in Hawai'i, 2010
Full of gratitude. Thank you.

The stories have quieted, for just a moment. Zero 7 is playing softly in my ears and I watch the white-with-grey-underbelly clouds float past, the blue sky standing steady as the clouds march on.

In this moment, in this 200th post, I appreciate you all, the readers. I appreciate the comments, the camaraderie. I appreciate the way this space has evolved and changed, even when it’s been about making hard choices. I appreciate this ability to be here.

What are you appreciative of today?


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