Weekend Treats

Links of the Week

Keeping Showing Up from Canffirmations
I’ve writing about showing up as one of the skills of practice. Clair peels away the thinking and gets to the heart of showing up.

Perfectly Imperfect Self-Care blog hop
Brain child of Mara Glatzel and Tamarisk Saunders-Davies, it’s a list of bloggers talking about their (im)perfect self-care practices. Fantastic reading.

How Not to Be a Dick to Your Fat Friends by xoJane
A really amazing article. Everyone needs to read this.

Bullies Called Him Pork Chop. He Took That Pain With Him And Then Cooked It Into This from Up Worthy
Oh my goodness. This. Everyone also needs to watch this video. (Potential trigger warning for bullying; there’s a happy ending.)

Black History Month: 4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School from Policymic
Total hat tip to M. Fenn for pointing me toward this in her Weekend Linkroll. So many people, unrecognized for their amazingness. Go, look, be amazed.

What I’m Learning Now from Thousand Shades of Gray
This is a wonderful testament to courage and practice.

First, Learn to Love Yourself from Petalumo360.com
A friend forwarded this to me after the salon experience; another wonderfully timed, this is really important, read it now, post this week.

Weekend Prompting

After this week’s experiences, I have a prompt based off a blog post I read from my friend paperkingdoms (based on a thread at Ravelry) that has really been rattling around my brain as of late. I think it’s time.

What are you really good at?

(And, as was commented in the original thread, per paperkingdoms, sometimes what we think we’re marginally competent at, comes off as really really good. Take that for what you will.)

If you’d like, share it here, on your blog, or email me! (visible.and.real AT gmail DOT com) I’d love to hear the amazing things you are amazing at.


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