Weekend Treats

Since this is my blog, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for reading and sharing and commenting on yesterday’s post. While there was some anxiety on my part about writing and publishing the post, the response (both online and off) made it worth it. And, again, the power of storytelling to reach others and to become more of ourselves is strengthened in my heart. Thank you for allowing this storytelling.

Now, on to the treats!

Links of the Week

Broken Mirror that Keeps Giving from The Love Yourself Challenge!
Such an amazing message.

Where do you come from as a writer? from Zara ~ a writing story
A great question starts the post and the blogger answers. A really neat read (and question I may answer soon!)

You Already Have Permission from Seth Godin
I think I need this tattooed on my forehead (backwards … so I can read it in the mirror).

Creative Resistance + Practicing Gentleness from Beth Morey
As always, I appreciate Beth’s honesty about her in the moment experience of creation.

Stories of Suffering/Stories of Joy from Inside Space
I can really relate to this reminder that our stories are important – all of them. The suffering AND the joy.

Winter Well Giveaway from M. Fenn
Huge congrats to M. Fenn, who has a new story coming out in an anthology in May. And there’s an advanced reader copy giveaway she points you toward!

Walk a Mile from This Side of the Mirror
A great reminder that our stories need safe places and open hearts to hear.

Weekend Prompting

Inspired by yesterday’s post, ticklings in the back of my brain, and a week of spring break where I don’t want to work the whole time, I bring you this weekend’s prompt…

What story is in you that needs to be told? That is aching to be birthed into this world?


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