Through the Glass Backwards: Looking in the eyes

Clean clothes = good

Almost every Monday, I swing our white laundry basket into the car, soap and dryer sheets ready to slip out the side. I drive to a larger laundromat, to ensure that I won’t have to wait.

What this also means is that there are all types of people who go here, too.

In this microcosm, I realize how little I look people in the eye. There is something full of vulnerability when we actually see people for who they are, for what they bring to this earth. It’s also hard to be seen that way by others, especially when you don’t know them.

And yet, we are all precious to someone in our lives. There are people who see us, in different ways and in different circumstances.

I remember one weekend retreat that I went to – this was one of the exercises we did. I felt itchy and uncomfortable throughout it, the need to shut down a clear reminder of how much I try to stay hidden.

How do we allow ourselves to be seen? How do we open to others being seen by us? How can we create more space for openness? How do we begin to value it?


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