Weekend Treats

To do listsSo, last week was Spring Break for me. Who knew I would fall off the face of the blogosphere? Well, to be fair, I was busy getting things crossed off my list – things that has been there for awhile because they were longer term things (like take the GRE). I also got some much needed NCIS-watching and knitting done. (I promise, this blanket will be done before the person it’s for goes to high school…)

So, I apologize for the radio silence. I’m going to get caught up on reading this week, too (I really hope). But, here are a few that caught my eye and I had earmarked for last week’s Weekend Treats.


Links of (Last) Week

The Art of Asking from Amanda Palmer (via TED Talks)
A really interesting look at what it means to ask – and a look at what it means to connect.

Ten Trust Habits to Support Your Next Scary Step from Trust Tending
Oh, Kristin does it again. A really awesome look at how to trust the process you’re in. (And? She even made art from it!)

Creativity: An Enemy of Depression from To Write Love on Her Arms
TWLOHA takes a look at creativity’s impact on depression.

Randomocity for You from M. Fenn
Some neat facts about M. Fenn. And a cute picture of a seal.


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